Male lion roaring into the night

Lions roar like this at night, mostly, when the air is still and silent, and the vibrating sound carries for over 7km. They roar to make contact with their pride members and to declare their territory. Other lions can identify the specific calls and choose to respond or not to respond, making lion pride dynamics even more fascinating. Often, lionesses that have made a kill will refrain from answering to male lions’ contact calls because it is inevitable that they will lose their kill to the dominant pride leader. As much as lions are social cats, when it comes to feeding, its every man for himself.

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Very few natural phenomena occur can compete with the annual Masai Mara/Serengeti wildebeest migration. Up to TWO MILLION wildebeest, zebra and gazelles - move clockwise around this enormous ecosystem, driven by ancient instincts to find fresh grazing and water.

It is a journey that involves lots of drama - as the migrating herds are constantly under attack from predators, especially the lions and the savage crocodiles that lie in wait at various river crossing points.

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Zanzibar is enchanting! Dramatic architecture, luscious tropical fruits, aromatic spices, charming friendly people and one of the best beaches in the world.

Let's take you there:

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Merry Christmas! ...

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Nothing says "Happy, Relaxed Holidays" like some time in the bush with nature.

Let's hook you up with a treat in one of these lovely safari camps:

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Have you awed yourself to giraffes yet? Whether it's literally sharing a meal with them or watching them in their glory in the loaded East African national parks... giraffes leave you inspired.

Want to know how? Send us a message and let us arrange a meeting between you and the tallest animals on the planet.

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