Jambo Peter

A very, very belated hello and thank you for making our honeymoon one that we will always remember. The places, the people, the scenery and most of all the animals and birdlife were truly spectacular and it was thanks to you and Justus that we were able to see and experience the vast range of savannah, coastline, wildlife and mystique of Kenya and Tanzania.

Justus was exceptional in every way. His warmth and friendliness, his knowledge, his insight, his driving, his time keeping and his love of the land and nature was so very much appreciated by both Marc and I throughout the 13 days we were with him. It was certainly sad to say goodbye but thanks to him, we have some truly incredible memories and thoughts to always treasure. In Tanzania, Chas too was excellent, knowing exactly when and how to make sure that we saw was the very best there was to see in the most natural situations.

We had a safe and uneventful journey back home, feeling very relaxed and bronzed, especially after such a romantic last few days in paradise (Breezes in Zanzibar of course!). It has certainly been a struggle for us both getting back to normal life here in England!

Thank you so very much again to you and everyone at Penfam for what was such an amazing, very memorable honeymoon. We would not hesitate in recommending

Penfam to any new or seasoned safari enthusiast!

All the very best
Diana and Marc King

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